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Pale Hall Hotel: Is this Wales’ BEST hotel?

“It’s weird but I feel really at home here,” I told the general manager of Palé Hall Hotel as I sipped champagne on a luxuriously grand sofa. I looked around at my surroundings – the antique furniture, the ornate paintings, the enormous chandelie...

Travel Posts / Posts - 1 year ago

Packing tips for a weekend break

I’m very excited today to have some packing tips from the packing legend, Alex from Travel Fashion Girl. Alex has shared her top tips when packing for a weekend break. **** Packing for a fun filled weekend getaway should be quick and easy, right? U...

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Postcards I’ll never send

One of my favourite bloggers is Love Taza and she writes a feature called Little Letters where she basically writes little letters to anyone and anything she has a little message for. It’s a simple idea and doesn’t sound that interesting but it’s o...